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PRAGUE CASTLE ……an insiders view


prague-castleHi folks, it is a sunny Sunday morning the house is quiet and so it is time for another blogging session. This time it is going to be about the Prague Castle area. This is an area very dear to my heart, which I visited quite a few years ago with my husband, Chris, and mother in law, June, and it is  an area of National Czech importance with outstanding views over the city and ancient links to the Vysehrad area.

To get there from the center of Prague let us say Metro stop Malostranska, I would recommend you go by metro to either Hradsanska Metro Stop or by tram to Prazsky Hrad tram stop  from where you can walk  to Prague Castle.

You can’t get lost as you will see tourists, tourist guide umbrellas, as, well as, Czech Nationals as you approach the area.


you poor bastard .....say cheese!

you poor bastard …..say cheese!

When you get to the castle, the first thing that strike you as you enter through the castle entrance are the Castle guards beautifully attired their blue uniforms and furry hats, quietly standing there in their sentry boxes. When the time for changing of the guards approaches, it seems as if by magic and on an invisible string the Castle Guard leaves the sentry box, salutes and walks away. At the same time, a new guard marches in, salutes enters the sentry box, turns and stands at ease as if nothing has happened, not even a blink of an eyelid or a twitch of a lip when primary school pupils try to distract his attention.

Who do you ask are the guards guarding? It is the Presidential Palace of course and lo and behold what can you see, but a flotilla of Presidential Limousines coming in.

On entry we walk through the first Castle Courtyard, past St. Vitus Cathedral, pass a pub called Vikarka and a Toy Museum. From here we walk to the Golden Lane.. The Golden Lane?. A lane full of small l houses where according to legends a comunity of  Goldsmiths lived, but be warned, to get to the Golden Lane itself there is a small entry fee. Let me give you a word of warning.. Feel free to do a little bit of window shopping as well as browsing in the Golden Lane shops, but please, please, please do not buy, because if you do you would get fleeced and charged exorbitant prices.

Next we walk down the  Old Castle Steps lead from Prague Castle down to Neruda Street, which in turn leads to Mala Strana where a Church of St. Nicholas is situated. As we walk along the Old Castle Steps we can see artists, salesman, beggars and photographers standing by. From a personal point of view and Praguers point of view I would strongly recommend visiting it during the day rather than at night. There is a romantic song which is one of my favourite songs called Po Starych Zameckych Schodech by a Czech singer called Waldemar Matuska which I shall attempt to play for you later on in this blog.

So let us carry on. It is a common practice in Prague for everybody to either go to the pub or for the children of the family to bring beer to their fathers. So to follow suit we went to a nice Prague pub called u Kocoura for light lunch.

As normally happens when we go away together the family would say to me, you are Czech you order whatever you like and we shall enjoy whatever it is. This is exactly what happened. I ordered some salsessen for my husband, some ham for my mother in law and some klobass for myself as well as some beer to flush it down with. Unbeknown to me, I did not realize on ordering for my husband that he did not like salsessen, so as a result, when the waiter brought it to the table mum in law and my husband swapped plates and all was well.

From there we walked to Charles Bridge, a bridge full of Statues, stalls and packed with tourists. Another part of Prague to visit with a group or somebody who knows the area inside out and is not advisable to come to after dark or singly because if you did you would have to be extremely careful.

From there we have made our way home.

So there you have it folks. It is time to close, have some lunch and get on with everyday chores that have to be done. Such as washing up etc. See you again soon.

Bye for now, Miki. I hope you will enjoy the video below. I every other little Czech girl did and still does. I am sure their mums do as well,


Hopes and dreams……. Teenage Years.

Hopes and dreams……. Teenage Years.


dreamsHi folks welcome to part 2.

Of Blog entitled hopes and dreams. Well well well what a transformation. Something I would have never had dreamt of in the past. Most Czech girls would have finished their primary, secondary studies and led their lives in the Czech Republic, but not me.

Long was gone the dream of going to dancing classes, getting married at St. Vitus Cathedral, having a Krinolyn made for me for end of session balls and having a career same as everybody else

This particular dream has not materialized, for me my teenage years turned out to be completely different. In England it was a question of total transformation. Initially a land of Lyons Corner Houses, speaking in terms of pounds, shillings, and pence, and, oh my God, getting used to thinking in terms of yards, furlongs, ounces, miles, pounds(in terms of weight) as well as total and utter mishmash and dear Gods this was not all.

School, well, well, well.

Textbooks, what textbooks. Some kind of lettuce leaves bound in a folder, language center in a villa? Rather than in a proper school  building, going to my secondary school through a market, being taught by nuns, after school sitting in a car and working on my homework which was set that very day.

What about life outside school. Boys? Youth Clubs? Maybe for some other girls yes, but all I could do is dream of getting a boyfriend. For me it seemed to be being with my family, going to Guide meetings and on Camps , studying, going to Conferences and holidays with them. What was left there for me to do. All I could do was dream

That is all I can say about my teenage years, and the rest is for you to make of it what you like.

Hope you enjoyed the post and would look forward to my next one. Adult life.

That is all for now as dinner is ready to be served, but I hope you enjoy the video below. Who says kids are all bad these days, I wish I could sing as well as them!

Bye for now.