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A laid back guide to all things Manx. Where to go, what to see, and even where to avoid!

Man and Beast…..a momment caught in time



A short ride away from the Manx Capital, Douglas, lies  the City of Peel. A popular place for families to visit, and a haven for those who enjoy good food, good company and good beer.

The best way to do this is to take a bus from Douglas to Peel Town Hall or the Cathedral Stop since the bus stop is right outside the Church.

What is there to do in Peel.

Quite a lot is the answer. It all depends on individual likes and dislikes.

What most people do is get off either at the bus stop by the cathedral and walk down Michael Street to Lower Peel where one can visit a Manx National Heritage Site called House of Mannanan which is well worth a visit.

From there you can visit  local Kipper Curers called Moore’s, where you can buy Manx Kippers for yourself, post kippers to your friends or simply have a cup of either tea or coffee on the seats outside the shop.

But is it really the best place where to consume your baps and coffees?

No, definitely not!.

The best place is over the bridge, and a short walk away, past a secluded beach called Fenella beach. An ideal place for fire and rescue crews to practice their rescue techniques.

Peel Castle

Peel Castle

As you follow the road towards the outer breakwater, going past Peel castle and  Old Peel Cathedral, well worth a visit, and the lifeboat station, you come to it.

It is a kiosk. Just a small kiosk outside with a collection of wooden tables and chairs, but all that being said the baps are freshly made, and you have marvelous views back over the town and the hills beyond

Once you have eaten your crab bap and drunk a cup of your chosen beverage, there are three or four other things you can do.

Walking through an opening in the lower castle walls by the cafe you enter a different world of utter peace and quiet.

What you do there is your choice but  where you can either walk round the headland beneath the castle  ramparts, have a seat half way round and enjoy the views going south, or,  If you feel like being bone idle, you turn sharp right once though the hole and the outer ramparts, and walk down a short slope, and a few steps leading into a small secluded area or rock pools immediately beneath the outer breakwater.

So what if it is bone idle, say I, it really is the best place to go.

We have decided to go through the hole, and do the latter and it was good that we did, for in doing so, we saw a battle of wills that was..

When we got there, on the rocks opposite, there was a fisherman waiting quietly for a tug on his bait, and a seal quietly watching from the distance. Suddenly and as if by magic, there was a sharp tug on his bait, to which he responded quite excitedly, swiftly winding the rod towards him.

What was at the end of the hook; you may ask. It was a 2lb Pollock, beautiful fish whose silvery scales gleamed from the distance.

To my mind ,there was a wonderful threesome interaction between man, fish and beast.

-As we watched the fisherman came towards us, showed us the fish, walked to the rocks below us so that he could wash the fish, came back, said goodbye to the pair of us  and was gone.

It was all a question of ten minutes or so, but even to this day it all seems like a dream

I did not want this dream to pass, but time was marching on.

Reluctantly, we had to leave as we had things to do at home.

In order to extend our visit to Peel on our way back, we walked over the bridge, crossed over to the beach, got  an ice cream in the ice-cream parlour opposite, came back to the beach with it, sat on a bench letting the world around us slide by.

When we have finished the ice-cream it was time to do a bit of shopping and make our way to the bus stop and home.

That is all for now. Hope you enjoyed reading what I have written, and i hope you enjoy the video below


Bye  for now.






bunny-wants-a-carrotHi folks It is blogging time again, but with a difference. A time to turn away from my home town of Prague and the Czech Republic and concentrate on something entirely different and closer to home. Rabbit hunt. What you might say, a rabbit hunt? That’s right folks. Now sit back, relax whilst I shall tell you all about it.

So there you go, let us start from the very beginning. At about 7am last Monday morning our female cat called squeak was doing her rounds as she normally does. She came into the spare room jumped up on the window sill, looked out and started to meow. My husband and I heard it, wondered what she had found. After getting dressed and a freshen up my husband went to have a look at what squeak had found. What have you got there he asked? A rabbit has escaped from the end house in our terrace and a hunt was already under-way.

The clever little minx was giving everybody a run around, firstly it was underneath the neighbour’s cars, than on the bank opposite, then in our next door neighbour’s front garden and no joy in catching the little sod.

As this carried on the eldest daughter of the house came out with a mop handed it to her father who carried on hunting for it underneath the car.

. Just out of the blue the little minx rushed out of our neighbour’s front garden and up a steep bank opposite.

My husband and the neighbour’s daughter spotted it. The result was that Chris ran up the bank caught the rabbit, slid down the bank with a rabbit in his arms in quite a controlled fashion and gave the rabbit to its rightful owner. I must admit I was quite impressed by the way he did it and gave my husband a well deserved hug and a kiss.

As far as our male cat was concerned, he was lying on his tummy watching the proceedings with his eyes aimed at the point where both the rabbit, my husband and the neighbours daughter were and what they were doing.

. Purrrrrring……his head off and quietly thinking to himself.

“Stupid people, they should have allowed me to catch the little minx.”

“ I would have caught it straight away”.

But that was not all.

funny-cute-bunny-rabbit-glasses-eat-carrots-picsOn another occasion, I came home by a taxi and all the neighbours were out. She has escaped again said my next door neighbour and she is hiding underneath your plant and won’t come out. And so it carried on. Oh, what a performance: It was the same minx again! Neighbours were out with all sorts of broom handles, long sticks, we have even turned on our garden house to try and get her out. At one point we have nearly got her, but the little minx hid underneath the plant again. It was at this point that her owner said, shall we call a Fire Brigade to see if they can get the little madam out. The other remark was shall we get a ferret to see if it can get the little madam out.

Again, our male cat was watching all the goings on quite carefully and with some interest.

Suddenly, as if by magic our next door neighbour an ex-yoga/Pilates instructor, came home on her motor bicycle, assessed the situation, took off  her helmet, crept quietly towards the rabbit, bent her knees stretched out her arms, said quietly come on little one and long behold the rabbit jumped straight into her arms and was returned to her grateful owner.

Luckily it has not happened again, so far as I know anyway!

From now on, hopefully, our front gardens will be rabbit free, because if they are not I am sure our neighbour will invite us round to her house for rabbit stew, as a neighbour of ours threatened to do..

Now it is time to finish writing and go and get ready to go out, do a little bit of shopping and on my return some household chores.

So bye, bye, for now. Hope you have enjoyed what I have written and I will write again soon.

That is all folks.


My Home…. My Life….My Island …The Three Legged Isle Of Man



come and see the seals

come and see the seals

Hello folks. This is Miki here again.

My new post is going to be about the Isle of Man where I lived for the last twenty years. It is a relatively small Island in the middle of the Irish Sea.  A relative back water to some, but at the same time it has got its own history, traditions, culture, parliament, history, language, theatre, government, transport and numerous places of natural history. A haven for archaeologists, geologists and rail enthusiasts alike.

I first encountered it when I started going out with Chris. He often talked about his friend Barbara with whom he worked in the labs in London when we were first friends. Ellan Vannin The Isle of Man is an Island in the middle of the Irish Sea halfway between England and Ireland. I even puzzled the Registrar at Burnt Oak Registry Office where our Bands of Marriage were published when he asked where did my fiancé lived and I replied he lives on the Isle of Man. Where! was the reply coming from the Registrar. The Isle Of Man! Yes! I replied. Don’t you mean the Isle of Wight No. I said the Isle of Man. Unconvincingly she picked up the receiver and checked with her supervisor who assured her that yes the Isle of Man is areal place and that everything is fine.

I have been married to an  Isle of Man Worker for the past twenty years and am happy to say that both me and Chris are settled here and have been accepted by locals alike. However I personally when I first came over found it quite difficult for a while to get a job. But as they say all beginnings are tough and all is well that ends well and we got there in the end Thanks God and Good Luck. It  It is also true to say that the Isle of Man (ELLAN VANNIN) is not a place for everybody.

It is a place for people who enjoy a laid back way of life, a slower pace of life than you would normally have in a big city or a provincial town. It is a place for misfits, retired people and ordinary people who just want to be their real selves and lead their lives the way it suits them. Quite frankly, I would not want to live in London again and if we said to my mother-in- law, we were moving back, the poor woman would have a heart attack which is the one thing we do not want her to have.



The place is at its liveliest in May/ June when people from all over the world come over with their motorbikes and families for the famous TT RACES| This has been going on for the past Century and a bit and is gaining more and more popularity. After TT everything quietens down again.

Tourist wise; Hm it all depends what you want. From the Folklore Point of View you can visit Cregneash Villiage. A traditional Manx historical Village where there are live demonstrations, a tea room and various activities during various Manx Festivals such as Tynwald Day normally on July 5th, but this year it will be on July 7th. And Hallowen or Hop-Tu- Nah Celebrations on October 31st.

Other than that there is the Manx Museum in Douglas the Capital of the Isle of Man and The House of Mannanin in in Peel to name but a few. The one thing which me and Chris find quite fascinating and will pursue more and more more when we retire are; Farmers Markets, Food Festivals as well as various Agricultural Shows that go on throughout the year.

So there you have it. A brief post about the Isle of Man. An Island on which we live, call our home, and love.Hope you enjoyed listenning to the Manx Gaelic Lullaby, called Little Red Shank. Looking forward to hear from you soon.