Please release me let me go... I don't love you anymore!

Please release me let me go… I don’t love you anymore!

Hi there My name is Miki

A family friend who is no longer with us used to call me myška, and my parents, in my single days, either myško, myšicko, myšno or myšo myš. I replied to all of these quite favourably except when my mum called me a myšna which was only when I annoyed her. So that is from what the blog called myška that roared emerged.

Born in Prague in the Czechoslovak Republic in December 1957 I was educated in the Czech primary school system until I was eleven years of age. Oh what a horror it really was, testing, testing and more testing, and suddenly the Russian invasion disrupted my education. I recall one of my school teachers asked a question about a topic we were covering in that particular lesson, and as we put our hands up and replied soudružko (meaning comrade), she told us off and said

“Do not call me comrade, it is rude.”

Then situation and my whole life changed when I came to England in 1969.

The first thoughts were those of help, and how on earth am I going to manage with a different school, a different type of education, but the hardest thing was leaving my classmates and relations. I stayed abroad with my mum and dad whilst grandma went back to Prague.

At that time it seemed like a huge jump into darkness of uncertainty. As it turned out it was the first chapter of a better life to come

What better life to come, and why is this Myška about to start roaring? Well, it’s my blog, and my life, so with so many thoughts and words bubbling up inside me, I’ve got an awful lot I want to say.

So I hope you enjoy the video, watch out for more posts, follow me, and then go on from there



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