bunny-wants-a-carrotHi folks It is blogging time again, but with a difference. A time to turn away from my home town of Prague and the Czech Republic and concentrate on something entirely different and closer to home. Rabbit hunt. What you might say, a rabbit hunt? That’s right folks. Now sit back, relax whilst I shall tell you all about it.

So there you go, let us start from the very beginning. At about 7am last Monday morning our female cat called squeak was doing her rounds as she normally does. She came into the spare room jumped up on the window sill, looked out and started to meow. My husband and I heard it, wondered what she had found. After getting dressed and a freshen up my husband went to have a look at what squeak had found. What have you got there he asked? A rabbit has escaped from the end house in our terrace and a hunt was already under-way.

The clever little minx was giving everybody a run around, firstly it was underneath the neighbour’s cars, than on the bank opposite, then in our next door neighbour’s front garden and no joy in catching the little sod.

As this carried on the eldest daughter of the house came out with a mop handed it to her father who carried on hunting for it underneath the car.

. Just out of the blue the little minx rushed out of our neighbour’s front garden and up a steep bank opposite.

My husband and the neighbour’s daughter spotted it. The result was that Chris ran up the bank caught the rabbit, slid down the bank with a rabbit in his arms in quite a controlled fashion and gave the rabbit to its rightful owner. I must admit I was quite impressed by the way he did it and gave my husband a well deserved hug and a kiss.

As far as our male cat was concerned, he was lying on his tummy watching the proceedings with his eyes aimed at the point where both the rabbit, my husband and the neighbours daughter were and what they were doing.

. Purrrrrring……his head off and quietly thinking to himself.

“Stupid people, they should have allowed me to catch the little minx.”

“ I would have caught it straight away”.

But that was not all.

funny-cute-bunny-rabbit-glasses-eat-carrots-picsOn another occasion, I came home by a taxi and all the neighbours were out. She has escaped again said my next door neighbour and she is hiding underneath your plant and won’t come out. And so it carried on. Oh, what a performance: It was the same minx again! Neighbours were out with all sorts of broom handles, long sticks, we have even turned on our garden house to try and get her out. At one point we have nearly got her, but the little minx hid underneath the plant again. It was at this point that her owner said, shall we call a Fire Brigade to see if they can get the little madam out. The other remark was shall we get a ferret to see if it can get the little madam out.

Again, our male cat was watching all the goings on quite carefully and with some interest.

Suddenly, as if by magic our next door neighbour an ex-yoga/Pilates instructor, came home on her motor bicycle, assessed the situation, took off  her helmet, crept quietly towards the rabbit, bent her knees stretched out her arms, said quietly come on little one and long behold the rabbit jumped straight into her arms and was returned to her grateful owner.

Luckily it has not happened again, so far as I know anyway!

From now on, hopefully, our front gardens will be rabbit free, because if they are not I am sure our neighbour will invite us round to her house for rabbit stew, as a neighbour of ours threatened to do..

Now it is time to finish writing and go and get ready to go out, do a little bit of shopping and on my return some household chores.

So bye, bye, for now. Hope you have enjoyed what I have written and I will write again soon.

That is all folks.



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