Being a Writers Widow…..Oh God!…where is he!

Coming down now...I won’t be long

Coming down now…I won’t be long

Hi folks, well it has been quite a while since I wrote my last blog, but here I am with again.

What does it really feel like to be a writer’s widow?

What would other wives say when they’d be in the kitchen preparing dinner whilst the husband  is upstairs typing, and as they are about to serve call up and say are you ready to eat? Coming down shortly is the reply. The next thing you hear is F…K  it !, d….m it, and a few other expletives, followed by a tap, tap, tap tap tap as the keyboard is nearly hammered into the ground.

At that point I  stay silent, since it is evident that things are not going as well as they should, and turn dinner down and hope he will  get things sorted soon. How do you spell consciencious comes the reply. What am I may I ask, a wife, or some kind of spell checker!

Ten minutes later I’d call up again. Are things sorted now?  I get quite a satisfied grunt and comment of ” yes getting there. Coming down now, I wont be long! ” .In that case I shall serve if that is the case I’d reply and loh and behold, if I’m lucky or simply dreaming, I hear footsteps and suddenly, his nibs,  the creator of the latest blog or story alias Christopher Neil appears.

Supper would be over and a request is made by the writer in question,

“Come up and see what you think, I personally like it, do you want me to read it out to you?”

Yes, please is the answer, so he’d read his latest work out and as he is reading it, I’d query something and in reply I’d get where do you mean. Show me. There comes a reply and I’d point my finger at the sentence in  question. No,  it’s staying I like as it is, it’s ok comes the reply.’ So why ask my opinion, and why ask me to traipse upstairs so as just ignore my views

How infuriating can you get….MEN!

Apart from that when you first start blogging there is that question of uncertainty as a writer’s widow. You do not know who your other half is writing to, but as is happening between the pair of us shows me messages from other people so that I know and we discuss things in detail before he posts a reply. This sort of an arrangement works quite well, as does his blogging day a Monday.

And then comes the question of bedtime.

Bedtime, a word muttered by the author. What’s that?

Be a live and warm the bed for me and I’ll be there in ten minutes.

Oh yes, thinks the writer’s widow to herself, ten minutes my derriere!

Five minutes later you hear music, laughter coming out of the “study” and an hour later you finally and half subconsciously you can hear him coming to bed.

About b….y time too you think, and then begin swearing even more as he plants his  cold feet all over you, but all least he’s in bed before midnight, just, so he is at least with you at the end of the day.

Even then you have to be careful, or at least be wary the next morning if he presents you with an early morning cup of coffee or tea. He has probably got up briefly in the morning already to record his latest inspirational idea, or whatever, but how would you react if someone presented you a mug of poorly mixed Garvey granules and milk at 4.0 am.

Such things are very good alarm calls, but at 4.0 a.m… way!

So there you have it, as you can see there are the two sides of the life of being a writer’s widow  as you  can see from the two blogs

A lonely life at times, but a worthwhile life and I  would not have it any other way.

Hope you enjoyed reading this latest blog of mine

Bye for now


P.S His nibs has just asked me whether or not a new charcrter of his is “right” for a new story. How the h…l do I know, what am I, psychic…MEN!


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